Hair Filler

1950 LE-2145 LE

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Pearl filler with pearls, folic acid, argan and nutrients Protects hair from falling out And it works to prolong hair Strengthening the hair follicle Can be used from 4 years old It is used by pregnant women after the 3rd month Normal use for nursing mothers without any harm It is applied with heat by a specialist And its effect on the hair lasts from 6 to 12 months Recommended to use The aftercare set that we use after the filler . It starts from 100ml

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It is applied to the hair by a specialist

  • مش مصدقة ان شعري بقا ناعم و مفرود كدا و منتج طبيعي مفهوش فورمالين بجد انا مبسوطة بيه اوي و ناوية اعيد علي الجذور و الحمد لله مفيش تساقط غير

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