Panda Bar

180 LE-200 LE

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Panda Bar consists of 7 types of natural butters and 12 types of imported oils avocado butter Shea Butter coconut butter Coffee oil, granules and extract Walnut oil and many nuts It is used in the treatment of Dark circles and helps improve the condition of genetic circles It is used for freckles in the case of non-oily skin Darkening around the mouth and darkening of the lips in non-oily skin 5 pieces

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A small piece of the bar is rubbed between the fingers and applied to the area around the eye once a day at night

  • بعد معاناة مع علاج الهالات و صرفت كتير جدا و اخيرا كورس باندا خلاني أحس ب فرق اخيرا و الهالات بدأت تقل بشكل واضح

    by User on 2021-08-19

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